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The making of Young Entrepreneurs

The Young Entrepreneurs:



18 years old. Founder & CEO of ‘’

Harsha is a successful social entrepreneur, an international conference speaker as well as CMO of Ascendance – a nationwide youth development platform that is actively working with over thousands youngsters to create sustainable careers for themselves. She also founded her own start-up,

Sheldon & Emerson

15 and 13 years old. Author, Cartoonist, Animator, Coder & Entrepreneurs

Sheldon Chong is a multi-talented coder and digital artist who has won many international coding awards. He authored 2 children books and conducts creative workshops. He won runner-up in the Young Entrepreneur X-Factor 2019. 

Emerson Chong is a 2D animator and YouTuber with 91K subscribers on his YouTube Channel, CyberLegends Animations. He authored 2 children books and conducts cartooning and 2D animation workshops. He was the champion in the Young Entrepreneur X-Factor 2019.

Armand Idrizam

11 years old. Founder & CEO of Koko Loko

Armand make & sell Healthy Cocoa Based Snacks. He sources the Cocoa from Small Cocoa Growers in Sabah, Malaysia. Some of his net profits will go towards Greening the Earth projects like planting more Trees, Mangroves & Coral Propagation here in Sabah.

Syazana Azruan

27 years old. Founder of Nanaji Coffee House

Syazana graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Finance and started her career as an accountant in 2018.  She ventured into business alone, and now owns three companies in the coffee business.


16 years old. Teen game developer & web designer at Kidocode

Arsham specializes in web development, game development and design. Starting his journey at Kidocode, for more than 5 years, he focused on honing his skills in programming in Python, JavaScript, C#, HTML and much more. He also released his own apps in the App Store.

Jack Bonneau

12 years old. Founder & Chief Evangelist of Teen Hustl

Started Jack’s Stands & Marketplaces at 9 to give kids opportunities to operate lemonade stands; and sell young entrepreneur products and tell their inspirational stories at markets, events & malls. He is the youngest male to successfully pitch on Shark Tank in the U.S. He have spoken to over 20K at TEDx, events, & schools in the U.S./internationally. Started Teen Hustl to appeal to teens and to deliver Amazon packages on eco-friendly eScooters and bikes to customers when they are home.


Yvonne Yong

Yvonne has over 15 years of professional experience in the private/public sectors, ranging from tech research & consulting sector across Asia Pacific to analytics, corporate and business strategy development & implementation.

From 2014 to 2019, Yvonne was Chief of Staff at MDEC’s CEO’s office. Her key priorities included continuous strategic corporate strategy development and alignment between MDEC’s top management & public/private sectors. She headed engagements & decision-making activities that influenced the development of national-level initiatives and policies.

Today, Yvonne heads the Malaysia Digital Hub, Corporate Innovation & Accelerator/Venture Builder portfolios within the Global Growth Acceleration group at MDEC. She steers the strategic direction and community development agenda across 9 Malaysia Digital Hubs, a government-led initiative that collaborates with co-working spaces to drive Malaysia’s digital and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Additionally, she leads the corporate partnership portfolio by advocating innovative collaboration activities between local/global corporates and Malaysian tech start-ups & scale-ups.

Timothy Tiah

Timothy Tiah is the Co-Founder of Colony, a luxurious co-working space in Malaysia launched in late July 2017. In less than a year, the new coworking space startup has raised US$5 million with property group Cornerstone Partners recently acquiring a stake at a US$15m-US$20m valuation. Prior to Colony, Timothy was co-founder and COO of digital marketing company Netccentric which did an IPO on the ASX in

July 2015 raising A$12.5m. Nominated by Businessweek as one of the 25 best young Asian entrepreneurs in 2007; Timothy was the youngest on the list of inspired nominees at 23, and the only representative from Malaysia. Timothy also went on to win several other prestigious awards including the Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Malaysia in 2015. Timothy has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from University College, London. Timothy is also a prolific blogger and writes at You can also follow him on Instagram @timtiah

Timothy Tiah


Chris MJ


Chris is a 26 year old engineer turned content creator, event emcee and the host of his very own talk show,  The Khabar Baik Show on YouTube. 

He’s got a huge heart to spread positivity, good vibes and to celebrate our beautiful Malaysia- one #khabarbaik at a time.

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